Easter Sunday 2014

Join us with your family for traditional French lunch (prix-fix menu below) with plenty of choices to please the whole family.

Brunch will be served between 9:30am and 3pm.

For dinner, we will be offering our regular dinner menu along some very Easter specials.


Reserve early as space is limited.

Brunch/Lunch: 9:30am to 3pm.
Dinner: 5:30pm to 10pm.

Reserve online now or call 206-682-7270. Reserve early as space is limited. Credit Card Required for Reservations!

We will be offering two set menus, one for adults and one for kids under 10, featuring some of our favorites lunch and brunch plates. We will NOT offer our regular lunch menu.

Easter Sunday Menus

$35 per person with Mimosa or Juice

Mimosa or Orange Juice


A basket of warm croissants for the table.
Made in France with real butter


Onion Soup
Salad Maximilien


Oeufs Bénédict
Two poached eggs with Canadian Bacon or smoked salmon, served on a grilled English muffin, and topped with hollandaise sauce. French Fries.
Les moules Maximilien
Mussels steamed with caramelized onions, parsley, white wine, and cream. Salad or Fries.
Chicken Croissant
Washington Draper Valley grilled chicken breast served on toasted croissant with brie, bacon and pesto. Salad or Fries
Pike Place Market Salad
Grilled chicken breast over butter lettuce, goat cheese, warm fingerling potatoes, roasted Bell peppers and eggplant. Tarragon vinaigrette.
Assiette Primeur
Roasted potatoes with pan-seared portabello mushrooms “steak”, asparagus and baby carrots. Balsamic vinegar reduction. Extra virgin oil
Agneau de Paques
Roasted herb marinated leg of lamb with roasted garlic demi glace.


Crème brûlée
Vanilla custard topped with caramelized brown sugar
Gâteau au Chocolat
Warm flour-less chocolate cake and Olympic Mountain vanilla ice cream

$15 per kids under 10 years old

Milk or Orange Juice


Black forest ham, béchamel, and cheese sandwich
Pain Perdu
Butter Brioche French Toast


Vanilla Ice Cream
With Warm Chocolate