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Caviar Tasting Dinner

Join us Thursday April 30th at 7pm for a special caviar tasting dinner with the Seattle Caviar Company.

Chef Christian Potvin is featuring a taste of decadence and luxury with a $150 6-course menu highlighting 1oz of various Caviar! 

Learn the history Caviar with Dale and Betsy Sherrow of the Seattle Caviar Company. We will also feature a special selection of Champagnes available by the glass at a special price!


Reserve early as space is limited.

Thursday April 30 - 7PM
Only one seating at 7PM with limited space. 21 and over only.
Reserve now by PHONE ONLY, call us at 206-682-7270 and mention the special dinner.

Sustainable Caviar

One of the key steps in the procurement process is to investigate the growing conditions for each species. With aquaculture production, Seattle Caviar Co. study the feed that is used. With wild or farmed, Seattle Caviar Co. address questions related to "where it swam, what it was fed." 
Seattle Caviar Co. investigate their sources in tandem with the Marine Stewardship Council and the Conference on Trade in Endangered Species to certify sources and the chain of custody.

About Seattle Caviar Company

Seattle natives, Dale and Betsy Sherrow, developed a love and appreciation for caviar through European travel and opened the Seattle Caviar Company in 1990. On the leading edge of all things culinary, Seattle in 1990 was prime for the elegance and mystique of the world's finest caviar. 
Seattle Caviar Company carries a full assortment of the best caviar the world has to offer.

Menu Highlighting a total 1oz of Seattle Caviar Co. Sustainable Caviar - $150

Amuse: Potato blini, créme fraiche
Iced Grey Goose Vodka
Ikura - Oncorhynchus keta

Creamy corn velouté  
Siberian Sturgeon - A. baerii

"Salade Lyonnaise" Frisee, bacon, poached egg
Champagne, Moutard Brut
Idaho White Sturgeon - A. transmontanus

Pan seared wild diver scallop, leeks compote 
Israeli Osetra - A. gueldenstaedtii

Foie Gras stuffed and roasted turkey breast, baby greens  
Paddlefish - Polydon spathula

White chocolate ice cream, salted caramel sauce

A 4% service charge will be added to your check. It replaces the older system of servers “tipping out” support staff. 100% of this charge is going to the restaurant and is used to provide a better living wage to non tipped employees. More Info.

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