Lunch Menu

Maximilien lunch menu features some of the favorites from our Dinner Menu, but in serving sizes that are perfect for the noon meal.

And whether you just want a quick lunch sandwich or a full seafood meal with a glass of wine, the prices are perfect for your budget.

Sundays we serve brunch from 10am to 3pm.

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Duck was great. The creme puff desert was good. Waitstaff was great (They were speaking fluent French when I walked in, for those who doubt the authenticity). 

"dpq06" - Google Review

I went with my family and everyone really enjoyed their food. I had the best steak I've ever had and the sauce was to die for. The fries were amazing and the proportions were just right. The service staff was extremely friendly and food came fast. Plus the view was amazing. I would say everyone should come here it is amazing.

Emily R. - Google Review


A 5% surcharge will be added to your check. It replaces the older system of servers “tipping out” support staff. 100% of this charge is going to the restaurant and is used to provide a better living wage to non tipped employees. More Info.